The JRoach Desktop Project


Fun. This project is complete nonsense. It is just about watching a bunch of cockroaches run around on the desktop.
They interact with one another and do funny things. Since they generally stay below active windows, they do not really disturb the user.


The idea was born as the author was looking for a Linux-Version of the old xroach (Sun) program. Since he did not find a satisfactory version for Ubuntu, jroach was born.
Please note that we are not stating, that there is no xroach for Linux. We are stating that the author of jroach did not find any that he found satisfactory. This probably means that he did not search well or that he was too stupid to get existing versions up and running.
JRoach is not a re-implementation of xroach, though. The general idea is the same (cockroaches on the desktop) but jRoaches have much richer and more individual lives than xroaches ever had.


If you want to report bugs or if you have Feedback, please contact


Attention: This Program requires JRE 1.6u10 or higher!
Download zipped jar file here (Updated 23-aug-2011, V 0.99.9)

New Features (v0.99.9)


Version 0.99 contains the first version of RoachWar! You can take control of a roach and flame or flatten other roaches.
Patch 0.99.1:
Greatly improved RoachIntelligence. Evil Roaches will now pursue their killer or anybody who comes near them. Patch 0.99.2:
High score and Level. And a new effect that protects a roach from being flamed!


Patch 0.99.5:
Improved interaction. Includes huddle and revenge.


Patch 0.99.7:
Improved movement (more natural turn).


Patch 0.99.9:
Support for Oracle JSE 1.7!

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